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The Indian Garden

Medium - Adobe Illustrator

The Indian Garden, a colouring book for grown ups is a collection of flora and fauna based in the Indian Sub continent designed with intrinsic detail. 

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Mixed Media Paintings 

Medium - Oil, Acrylics and Mixed Media 

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Digital Illustrations 

Medium - Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Ilustrator

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Superhero Kit

Medium - Water color, Adobe Photoshop

As part of a school project, this kit aims at teaching kids what a superhero is made off and how they can become one using the tools and values provided in this book. 



Medium - Photography, Adobe Photoshop, Props

Cleo-plethora addresses the social issue of negative body image embedded in our minds through print and digital media. I've approacehed the subject with humour as a take on weight loss ads enticing viewers to go from fat to fit in just a few days. 

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