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Artist Statement 

I’m a multi-disciplineary artist living and performing in New York City. My role as a dancer, visual artist and teacher contribute to my choreographic journey. Hailing from a Fine Arts background shapes my identity as a performer. I correlate the studio as a canvas and the strokes of the brush to the lines of my body, moving and carving through space. I believe visualisation aids movement. It helps me manoeuvre direction, texture, space and size. My inspirations are drawn from but not limited to nature, animals, cityscape, museums and artworks. I’m also influenced by performance artists who use photography and video art to comment on social, political and cultural issues. 


The use of tangible material brings a sense of nostalgia. It gives me the opportunity to create a parallel between time and space. I make a conscious effort in choosing to Integrate the physical self and a medium/material with the intention of connecting with the viewer. Additionally, incorporating digital media with performance gives me a platform to experiment with dance film as a genre adding a layer of narrative. 


Having moved from Mumbai, India there is an overlapping of lifestyles between the two cities which I aim to reflect in my work preserving their uniqueness through culture, language, heritage and history. I’m interested in using dance to create work driven by cultural identity and social issues told with humour, wit or as a story. My purpose as an artist is to communicate with the audience leaving behind an idea, a thought or a conversation. 

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